Do you stop scrolling when someone with a captivating personality shows up in your feed pointing his/her finger towards you in the thumbnail and the caption reading something like, “What exactly should you be doing to be happy every day?” or “How to start your business without money?” or “How to gain financial independence?” or “How to stay happy even without money?”

If you do you could well be a customer of a market that is projected to be valued at almost 40 billion USD from 2020 to 2027.

You portray yourself as someone who could change people’s lives in a period of 20 minutes or more. If you can actually do that, why wouldn’t people turn up in your sessions regardless of the money you charge. If someone guarantees that there will be positive changes in my life if I follow him/her, I would happily participate in their session without worrying about the fee.

But is that really happening? Are these motivators changing people’s lives for real? I would love to know if someone after being coached by one of these motivators has made fortunes. Are there any?

How many of the top 100 richest or happiest people in the world were motivated by any of these.  No, I am not just criticizing them. There might be someone on that list who after attending some sessions had really started realizing that good things are happening in their life.

Please let me know!

Image Credit: Unsplash

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