Look no further than “Right Now” – is something I cannot do but…

Ignore the title.  If not right now, “look no further than the next step”, I think would be a better way to put it.

I find it really difficult not to look further than the next step.

Every time I plan to do something, I tend to imagine the ultimate results of it and in most of the cases that ends with a disappointment perhaps because I don’t put my main focus on the immediate next step.

If I think of starting to write a new blog, how do I not think of the way that blog is going to perform? How do I not think of the feedback I am going to get? How do I not think of the learning from that blog? How?

Maybe there is a lot that goes into getting into that state of not looking beyond right now or the next step. Maybe I am way behind in that pursuit. I am sure there are some of you who happens to be like me.

If you plan to save money for a certain things; say travel, don’t you think already of the place that you are going to? If you are going to get married, don’t you think of your life ahead with your partner? Of course you do, well some of you.

But its not something we cannot do – looking no further than right now. But it takes a lot of effort. I think for me, I need to converge everything that is running through my mind into the current place and situation I am in.

It demands a lot of focus and concentration which is the most expensive thing in the world for me though. All this is what I think it is. I am not there yet as the title says “this is something I cannot do”.

So the first thing would be to imagine ourselves in a place where all we have is now. No future, no past. Nothing. If there is joy in the ‘Now’ enjoy, if there is pain, deal with it. This is only possible through something called Meditation.

Again, I am writing this because I know this works even though I am not in that place yet. Just like people know that smoking kills but they do it anyway. I know that meditation works, it in fact works wonder.

Many of my friends are those who deeply indulge themselves into spirituality. They are the most positive people I have ever met. Well, that’s what they look like at least.

So these people are spiritual and spend a lot of time doing spiritual stuffs. By the way, we should not confuse “Spirituality” with “Religion”. They are totally different.

I am not sure what religion is but according to what I’ve known over the years, Spirituality is a concept, its a belief that accepts everything. Every race, every gender, every class, every color and every religion. Being spiritual means you love and respect every religion.

So these people have a specific routine they follow everyday. They call it the best way to live the life. I find it fascinating because they are so happy and satisfied without the luxury  in the pursuit of which most people in the world are dying. They wake up early, cleanse themselves, eat healthy food, go to work or whatever, come home, do the regular stuff, and sleep on time. That’s normal right?

That is what we all do. Only the bed time could be something that is different. But during the entire day they spend doing whatever they are into, they are not anxious about anything, not irritated by anyone or any events, not jealous of anybody, not angry whatsoever, no frustrations, no guilt, no regret. Now, how is that possible.

That is probably because they are not looking further than “NOW”. That is possible because they have known over the time the things that they should do and the things they should avoid.

Luxury is not something they dream of. Simplicity is their nature. Calmness is something they carry themselves with. Its not that they never face problems. They are different than most of us because they know how to deal with every problems.

They know how not to panic. This is because they are only thinking of now. Panic comes when we think of our future. Imagine there is no future, the necessity of getting panic disappears.

Sharing all this because thinking about these stuffs feels so real and achievable.

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