I’ve always been an average human being. Average in everything and always felt “being OK or average” is enough. Is it not?  What is the feeling when you are ‘The Best? Why is being the best so important for us?

Why do you think there is this never-dying greed in humans to be the best? Why is being No. 1 so alluring? Why do we need to be the best in the world? Why do we need to become the most talented someone in the world? The richest. Why?

Why do we constantly tell our kids that they should always be the winners? Is losing a crime? Why is the word ‘Loser’ taken so negatively?

I don’t believe that is what we are here for. To become the best and always come out a winner. Why is second best or third best not enough? Why is failing unacceptable?

Please enlighten me!

Image Credit: Unsplash 

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