Public figures are those who are known to a large number of people because of their talent or profession.

This kind is very few in the world, only about 1% of the total population. But they are very powerful. Powerful with what they do, how they carry themselves, and what they share with the public. That is so because they are followed by a large group of people and have the power to influence them.

So these people are used by businesses and big organizations to manipulate (or influence; hence “influencers”) the mind of the public.

Today’s generation is the luckiest (well.. at least in this matter). You don’t need to be a top drawer or do something extraordinary to catch the sight of the public. Sorry to say but if you go on your social profile and say or do even the dumbest thing in the world that you can think of, you’ll probably be an internet sensation overnight.

Now that’s daring, but that dare is backed by your stupidity. Nonetheless, you’ll be all over the news, social media, and what not. Sadly you will not be idolized like other public figures are. You’ll end up destroying your reputation and embarrassing yourself and your family.

On the other side, you can do something out of the box and that as well needs some daring. But, this time around, the dare needs to be backed by sensible planning and some smart decisions. Doing what you are good at and jacking up your prowess works the best.

If you play professional football in a local club, there will be a handful of people outside your friends and family who know you from your game. Currently, you are a public figure to them. If you graduate to play for your town, you’ll become a celebrity to a larger group, and further if you manage to represent your country a much larger group.

That is how you build a larger fan base every time you climb up the ladder in your profession.  You were disciplined, honest and you worked hard for it and it paid off well. You are successful and have now become popular. Remember, you still have a future that you don’t want to ruin.

As they say, “With Power Comes Great Responsibility”, you are now powerful because of your popularity.  The way you manage your popularity determines your future. If you are smart you’ll keep maintaining that fame, if not you are out of the game.

Handling Success

The best way to handle success is by maintaing it. The best way to maintain is simply by being a good human being. A professionally successful celebrity or an athlete should always remember that they might be popular and known to a large number of people but that does not necessarily mean they are desirable and liked equally. Some add-ons make you stand out even in that 1% of popular people in the world and make yourself desirable.

Why do you think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is liked by millions. It’s not just because of his wrestling and acting skills but because he is good even outside his profession. He is kind to people, does a lot of charity, speaks to his fans like their friends. He respects everybody he interacts with.

On the other side, why did Donald Trump gain so many haters even in the US despite being a super successful businessman and even being the President of the world’s largest economy? Because he has a controversial background that dates back to more than four decades. His statements have always been pugnacious before and after being the commander in chief of the US.

I think…

Once you are popular, you should realize the impact that you can make on society and the world. You are being watched and idolized and people tend to follow you with everything you do. Celebrities should act and come out in the public and be received not the way they expect themselves to be received but the way people want them to be seen or interacted with.

When there is a COVID pandemic that is killing people every minute in your community or country, people don’t want you to share pictures of you celebrating your anniversary or your kid’s birthday.

They don’t give a fuck if you are pregnant for the first time or you bought the most expensive mansion in the world. They rather want something that could help them fight the situation they are in. They want the celebrities they follow to be with them emotionally and lift them to come out of their situation.

There are lots of public figures who are wise and smart enough to act the way people want them to. But some arrogant mutts do whatever they like and do not care about the people who revere them.

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