Always Happy Always Humble

Back in 2016 when I used to work for a company that manufactures environment friendly water lifting pump primarily for irrigation, I was on a site visit to Dhadingbesi, a small town around 90 km from the capital, Kathmandu. I was there with my team of 4 and we had to stay there for around 3 days.

We were particularly working with this family of 4 who also had a dog who lived on the outskirts of the town. The family had four big ponds and was commercially running a fish farm. He had to get the river water into the pond so we had an organization buy the pump for him. It was the initial phase of the company, so we all were there to check the installation site.

They seem really thankful for letting them have the pump and were very welcoming. They offered lunch and we could not say no. The food was great. During the stay we had a lot of conversations about their life and how they make their living.

They only had the basics that is needed to keep them living and yet they were not complaining. So humble and satisfied with whatever they had. They did not seem to be worried about the savings, nor were they disconsolate with the amount of money they were making. No wishes or dreams that they could not fulfill whatsoever. If the lifestyle they had is to be summarized in one phrase, it would read “Always happy, always humble”.

This made me think about my life. The fact that we are always in search of growth is actually making us very unstable. The family we met did not have any desire of growth that they need to plan for. This made me realize that “growth is overrated”. The growth we thrive to enjoy is actually making us very unstable and apprehensive. Its actually quite simple to realize ourselves without the need or hunger of growth. Also, something that intrigues me or in fact convinces me to believe that growth is overrated when it comes to happiness and contentment in life is the way some people have made it look so easy to not seek growth, success or luxury. I mean I wish I could live that way.

It was kind of an eye opener for me particularly. They had a simple life, very basic facilities, no savings apparently, and yet were always happy with all their hardships. The way they accepted their life was simply amazing.  They were not just surviving, they were living their life the best way with whatever they had.

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